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Lately, we were setting up a youtube video caching and proxy server using squid in our project.
By the time we were done with configuration, everything worked like charm and a lightweight proxy was set up in no time. Rules were written in the config to allow youtube videos and as expected we were able to view youtube videos with no problem.

The very another day few client devices on which proxy was configured, started facing a weird issue. Their devices stopped playing youtube videos and rather started showing blank-white screen all over the video area.

While debugging the issue we removed the proxy from a device and voila, video playback started. Putting the proxy back again caused no issues for the time but a few hours later the same issue appeared again.
This time we sat on the squid logs and a victim device.

As we forced the app to reload the video, we saw that squid was denying access to a domain named

From the name, it was quite obvious that it is something like YouTube Image.
Apparently, this is one of the Google servers which serves youtube thumbnails, icons etc. and that’s why devices had a blank screen while playing videos.

Allowing in squid config file seems to solve this issue.

Writing this just in case anyone faces the same Squid proxy setup, Blank Screen Issue with youtube videos – wastes time and then feels stupid about it.