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Technology Migration

Navyug provides technology migration services with a distinct re-engineering process. To ensure scalability of products, we assist organizations in migrating their legacy application (old software) to high-performance, easy-to-use, up-to-date technologies. We define workload requirements, renovate and migrate applications without interruption, provide a secure, stable infrastructure and deliver a smooth transition to the new technology model(s).

We conduct a thorough analysis and assessment of the current business and technology environments to design a merged re-engineering architecture. We efficiently combine our technology expertise, several transformation preferences and recommended solutions to re-engineer your product or application to the latest technologies such as MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, server segregation – AWS, etc.

Our technology migration services proved to deliver vital business benefits such as:

  • Boosted technical support
  • Ease of business risk
  • Greater system performance
  • Reduced system dependencies
  • Superior technical support
  • Improved data portability


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