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Patient Next Door

The client was a startup with no previous project management experience who wanted to create a platform for patients to broaden their horizon of receiving medical advice by allowing them to reach out to expert doctors & patients with similar ailments anywhere in the world.

Navyug Infosolutions not just design & develop the product but also helped the client expand the possibilities of the solution through genuine advice & fresh ideas.

Client: Patient Next Door

Project: Social Media Mobile App for Patients and Doctors


  • In the beginning, the client only had a business idea & a few mockups.

  • The features were not properly thought through in the beginning

  • The required product was complex with requirements such as:

  • Search for people related to problems that a user needs advice on (doctor or patient)

  • Chatting option.

  • Forums to increase user knowledge

  • Social media experiences like newsfeed, real time updates on post, in app notifications etc

  • Publishing contents from content writers on targeted audience newsfeed.

  • Navyug needed to build a robust, end to end application of both iOS & Android


  • Introduction and requirement gathering/analysis with Next Door team

  • Balsamiq mockups of the solution were prepared

  • Agile methodology with sprint planning, daily stand-ups, backlog cleaning and retrospectives.

  • Test Driven Development

  • Code and Progress of work shared with Client on Git ,Trac and daily status report email

  • Daily 15 min interaction with Client during stand-up to ensure maximum communication and quick reactions

  • Multiple release delivered with release notes shared with clients and feeback collected and catered across each.

  • Provide required project closure documentation


  • Client received both applications of Android & iOS within the designated time with almost no bugs & within budget

  • Essential elements were added to the product because of Team Navyug’s advice without which the product would not have been complete

  • Client was advised not just on technology but overall user experience as well

“All development, testing, support, and maintenance was handled by Navyug Infosolutions. They did a great job of creating a quality product.”

Randeep Singh, Founder & CEO – Patient Next Door



Ruby & Javascript


Rails & Emberjs and Cordova 



Testing Tools

Capistrano, Aptana Studio, SVN and Selenium


Project Case Study

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