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Raghu Rajah
Founder & CEO – CrossCues Corp


The client is a startup that provides a technology solution allowing banks to store and retrieve customer-related data. In order to move from the concept stage to a viable product, they needed Navyug Infosolutions to build a series of applications.

Client: CrossCues Corporation

Project:  An Omni-Channel Customer Platform that uses Machine Learning for financial corporations to understand, anticipate and engage with their customers


  • The client was a startup which was trying to get from the concept to the first Minimum Viable Product.
  • This project was particularly complicated because there was a large aspect of machine learning involved.


  • Agile Scrum cycle.
  • Daily Google Hangout sessions.
  • GitHub and Pivotal Tracker used as a feature pipeline.


  • Navyug was a major player in building the Minimum Viable Product for the client.
  • We built the customer administration panel for the CrossCues application.

Navyug Infosolutions has delivered on our requests very well, and also performed exploratory work.

Raghu Rajah

Founder & CEO, CrossCues Corp


  • Navyug successfully delivered the MVP within the given budget & time constraints
  • There are 3 functions of this application:

1. Customer Engagement

• Reviews: Alert customers about unusual activity
• Nudge: Get customers back on track
• Feedback: Measure NPS, sentiment, etc

2. Cross Sell

• Campaign: Run engagement campaigns
• Segment: Intelligently group customers by campaign behavior
• Match: Identify Product Propensities

3. Analytics

• Goals: Capture needs analysis and financial goals
• Customer360: Measure health, engagement and value scores
• Insights: Identify churn risks & opportunities



Rails 4.2.5, PostgresSQL 9.5.3, Cassandra 2.2.6, Ember 2.4, Ember Paper, D3, Nginx


Jenkins, Rancher, cqlsh, Mailgun, Pivotal Tracker

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