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Marks & Clerk

The project included web app development for a leading patent and trade mark attorney firm in UK (Marks & Clerk) to automate their patent services and to track reciprocity data from associate law firms and partners all over the world.

Client: Marks & Clerk

Project:  Web Application for Patent Search


The Business Owner’s core need was to facilitate buying and selling of Intellectual Property online and to allow users to inquire about & fetch related data from various patent offices.


  • Video calls and Interaction with the overseas client.
  • Balsamiq mock-ups of the solution.
  • Poker Planning, Agile methodology with daily standups, sprints and retrospectives.
  • Test Driven Development
  • Code and Progress of work shared with Client on SVN and Trac.


  • A Web based tool to help attorneys easily select partners based on certain eligibility criteria.
  • A Patent buying and selling service.
  • A Patent inquiry module was added to the website.
  • Recording and tracking Patent related data from multiple patent offices.

“Client business has grown many times since the implementation.”


  • The implementation automated the Company’s Patent discovery services.
  • Attorney could easily choose partner and keep track of their work based on hard data.
  • Added tools helped attorneys choose partners and keep track of work sent out to and received from partners, facilitating smooth and mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • A patent inquiry module was added to the Marks & Clerk website to facilitate the buying and selling of intellectual property.



Ruby and javascript


Rails and Emberjs



Testing Tools

Capistrano and Selenium

Project Case Study

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