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A web based Learning Content Management System with a multi-user environment where teachers across multiple schools may create, store, reuse, manage and deliver digital learning content from a central repository.

The application ensures the same quality of teaching and educational content across schools makes classroom teaching easy and effective.

Client: KR Manglam world school

Project:  A Learning Content Management System



The business need was to achieve standardization and high quality of teaching all the Group schools in Delhi. Key results required were:

  • An application which could easily be adopted by teachers.
  • Centralization of content and its distribution to schools.
  • Doing this over limited external bandwidth per school.
  • The platform to assist in delivery of classroom teaching.
  • The platform was to be designed in such a manner, to make delivery interesting.


  • Extensive visits and interaction took place with WCCLG Staff.
  • Balsamiq mockups of the solution were shared with the Client.
  • Poker Planning, Agile process with daily stand-ups, sprints and retrospectives were conducted.Test Driven Development was done.
  • Code was shared with Client over Git and progress of work was shared over Trac.
  • Daily interactions were conducted with Client during stand-ups, to ensure maximum communication and quick reactions.On completion, the team visited the Client to deploy the application and to train Client staff.


  • An asset library.
  • Lesson Plan creation.
  • Delivery of lesson plans in classrooms.
  • On the spot quizzes.

“Client business has grown many times since the implementation.”


  • The customer is now expanding the application to tablets and handheld devices.
  • Centralization of content was achieved ever over limited bandwidths – school servers sync with the central server once a day. Thereafter, content is easily distributed within each school over local LAN.



Java, Javascript and Velocity


Spring framework 2.5 and Emberjs


MySQL 5.0.41

Testing Tools

Junit, Cucumber and Selenium

Project Case Study

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