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qQuick is a mobile application which gives users easy access to a personal electronic scooter which is keyless, smokeless, noiseless and dock-less by paying only for the time of use.


qQuick is India’s first Integrated, shared, connected e-mobility services in Delhi. qQuick is an app based electric scooter sharing service with convenience as the primary focus. It aspires to revolutionize the way people commute over short distances. Through a fleet of electric scooters, they are working towards making Delhi NCR cleaner, and healthier. Their scooters are non-polluting i.e. smoke-free & noise-free.



  • The Client wanted to let customers control – start / stop – scooters through the qQuick mobile application without using keys

  • The bike’s location was to be updated and recorded every 5 seconds on the UI

  • Device data was to be captured and shown on the mobile application









  • For Users:

    • Pre-Boarding

    • Onboarding (Login and Register)

    • Location of the Scooter

    • Book and Ride the scooter

    • Alerts regarding low battery, ride to end soon, SOS feature for emergency, malfunctioned system, beyond the location if going on wrong way

    • Help and support integrated with third party

    • Refer and earn integrated with third party

    • Profile and settings

    • Customer feedback on completion of ride

    For Admin:

    • Onboarding / User Role Management

    • Dashboard

    • Manage users

    • Manage Vehicle Owner

    • Manage Vehicles

    • Manage Issues & Concerns 

    • Manage Pricing & Invoicing

    • Manage Payments & Subscriptions 

    • Customer Rating



  • Team Introduction with client

  • Gathering of the requirement from the clients 

  • Creation of the mockups by BA

  • Creation of the Writeups by BA

  • Re- estimation of the project 

  • User stories created by BA

  • Design of each user story

  • Development and Testing

  • Demo given to the client

  • Client feedback taken


Ruby, HTML


The product is under development by the Client.

Project Case Study

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