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The client wanted to build a mobile application for iOS so users could participate in their auctions. Navyug InfoSolutions designed the application which included frontend development and beta testing.

Client: Girnar Software Pvt Ltd

Project:  Frontend iOS App Development for Automotive Company


  • Before Navyug, the client had approached several other organizations who had quoted a much longer timeline along with a higher price.
  • The requirements were not exactly thought out in the beginning.
  • The client already had an android application, although they wanted an iOS application from scratch.


  • Agile Scrum cycle.
  • Daily Google Hangout sessions
  • Held Detailed level Retrospective Discussions after every milestone with the client.
  • GitLab and Trac used as Source Code Management and Project Management Tools respectively.


  • Navyug took care of the design, frontend development, and beta testing of the application
  • The project was delivered within time i.e. 3 months
  • Navyug Infosolutions provided additional troubleshooting services to the client
  • The client was deeply appreciative of our design team. They appreciated our understanding of their requirement the clients users’

“I appreciate Navyug InfoSolutions design team. They were understanding of what I wanted to do as well as what our users wanted.”

Mr. Animesh Suman

Product Manager, Girnar Software Pvt Ltd


  • Real time bidding feature for live auctions
  • Real time notifications updates features so that the user does not miss updates on every single vehicle
  • Feature to track the status of the item from winning of the bid to delivery
  • Watchlist’ feature to segregate vehicles of your interest
  • ‘Your Bids’ section to automatically segregate the vehicles
  • Comprehensive inspection report with photographs from all angles for every single vehicle



Min ios support 8.0, Swift-2, Airborne Gem for Backend API Validation

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