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Creating Applications, Creating Experiences

Mobile Applications

Dana Choga – Food Ordering Application

A Food ordering mobile application which helped reduce restaurant response time by 80%.

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Mobile Applications

Wipro – Sales Management App

A Web and Mobile App for WCCLG Sales staff to enter their reimbursement claims in the field, whilst allowing Sales Managers to extract, consolidate and analyze leads data.

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Web Applications

Credihealth – Healthcare Booking Application

Credihealth was able to launch the new application very fast, without impacting its end customers.

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Web Applications

Marks & Clerk – Law Services Application

Web app development for Marks & Clerk to automate their patent services and to track reciprocity data from associate law firms and partners all over the world

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Delivering experiences


with the highest ROI


Navyug Infosolutions is one of India’s top Web and Mobile Application Development Companies in Noida, Delhi, Delhi NCR, Gurgaon.

Our expert development teams are adept at iOS, Android & Web Application Development – we build both native and hybrid responsive applications.

We follow Design Centric application development backed by robust systems driven development processes – Check out our development processes.

Our innovative, enthusiastic and highly skilled Business Analysts, Software Architects, Project Managers, UI / UX Experts, Certified Software Developers and Software & Automation Testers strategize your Web and Mobile Application Development process, Design and Develop the Applications from the initial framework phase up to the last phase of delivery of the product.

Our Business Analysts understand and wireframe user requirements, our Software Architects translate these into Engineering Solutions, our UI and UX experts convert these into great User Experiences and our Web and Mobile Application developers, Testers and Dev Ops experts code, test and deploy the applications to meet the ultimate objectives of your business.

At every level and at every stage, we ensure the most meticulous process so that you attain the highest possible absolute ROI.

We serve clients internationally – in USA, Europe, Middle East, Singapore, India and other geographies.


We treat technology as a tool & choose whatever solves your problem the best.

Delivering experiences

which attain definite ROI

We at Navyug are adept at delivering iOS, Android & Web applications that engage your users the way they expect it to, as well as meet the ultimate objectives of your business.

Our innovative, enthusiastic and highly skilled app development talent pool (business analysts, UX experts, certified software developers & testers) strategies your app development process, to design and develop applications from the initial framework phase to the end point delivery of the product.

At every level, at every stage, we ensure that we proceed with the most meticulous process so that you attain absolute ROI.


We treat technology as a tool & choose whatever suits your problem, the best


How security implications affect Internet of Things

As every player with a stake in IoT is aware, security is paramount for the safe and reliable operation of IoT connected devices. It is, in fact, the foundational enabler of IoT. Where there is less consensus is how best to implement security in IoT at the device,...

Revolutionizing Healthcare Through Internet of Things

An often-quoted figure of Gartner says that “6.4 Billion Connected “Things” Will Be in Use in 2016” and use cases are far too many to be outlined in any one document. The idea of devices connecting directly with each other is, as Kevin Ashton coined the term Internet...

Automating Registration by OTP from SMS

One lesser hectic method to retrieve the OTP from SMS. There is an android app/website:, it gives us free SMS push service, where you can get your text messages directly on a website. Prerequisites to use this method: You should have an android phone Phone...