High-end Teams and Well-Defined Processes

A team typically includes an Architect & a Team Lead (both experts, who translate your business problem into technical requirements), Developers, Manual & Automation Testers & a Designer.

All Projects use similar tool-sets & processes — see our Processes. Continuous integration & continuous delivery are the underlying principles .

Clients too are provided access to Tools to monitor daily activities.

We are the preferred technology partners to many start-ups and have delivered many successful products:
– enJobs: connecting recruiters, corporate, candidates (enJobs.in)

– Credihealth: one stop credi-ble healthcare (Credihealth.com)

– FitnessJig: connecting fitness enthusiasts (Fitnessjig.com)

– Azad: achieve financial goals with Azad  (Azadonline.com)

– Kapalya: Provide secure & seamless access to corporate backend systems  (Kapalya.com)

Perhaps because we provide reliable, end-to-end Development services. What you get is a scale-able Product meeting your business needs, just the way you wanted.

We are totally technology agnostic and choose technologies solely based on  your product needs.

If your project requires a powerful search, our Architect shall evaluate avilable technologies (Solr, Elastic Search, etc.) and pick one that best meets your particular requirement. This approach is followed for all projects.

An Automation Engineer uses tools and writes scripts to automate all test cases, functional and integration tests.

Our “Automation Engineers” test your product, over and above the QA Team. Your Project is therefore shipped with much higher reliability.

We have experience across multiple domains – Media, Healhcare, Supply Chain Finance, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Social Media, Education, Security, Retail eCommerce, Travel, Payment Processing, Defense, Utilities, Non-Profit-Organizations, etc.

This provides cross domain-experience to our high-end Teams, which helps them align solution much better to Client expectations.

Our research horizon currently spans multiple areas, like Machine Learning, Data Mining & Analytic, Remotely Operated Vehicles, etc. We also try to remain at the fore front of our core technologies like Ruby, Ember.js, Python, Java, etc.

We are thus able to offer the best technologies to solve your problems. This is one of our core strengths.

We ensure that your product stays functional always with our established set-up and Support that you can rely on.

We have 2 primary engagement models:

  1. Fixed Cost: Clients prefer this option when they have a clearly defined feature set to be developed – we share an estimate with you on the basis of which, the cost of the project is fixed.
  2. Time & Material: We adopt this model when the product is new and is best developed in Agile mode. Trac, Git, time-sheets, … access to all these is provided for you to better scope and re-assess the big picture periodically.

We are always ready to discuss a 3rd.

Want us to work for you?

Just plan your project and we will handle the rest!!

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