Surveys have proven that the cost of an undetected defect rises dramatically over time. Our QA methodology works consistently to eliminate such costs for our Customers.

With every project, we rigorously follow steps such as requirements analysis, project planning and scheduling, test planning, team planning, implementation, feedback and follow-up.

Our Testing Expertise

Through load testing and performance services, we ensure that your application handles your biggest day.

We detect performance related bugs at the development stage and provide corrective measures to rectify these at the earliest.

Our unique blend of multiple automation components provide end-to-end test automation and helps in reducing manual testing plus accelerating regression testing.

This in turn achieves higher reliability and better return on investment.

Our Service verifies that the application runs on different Operating Systems, Browsers, Databases & App Servers, with different configurations, display resolutions and internet speeds.

Our bug finders create test suites and run Software Compatibility and Inter-operability Tests across various software and hardware platforms to verify whether the application interacts and functions as expected.

Our Testing Services offer a complete quality check of the customers’ database loaded with important stored procedures, crucial functions and critical triggers.

Our experts and proven testing process therefore make sure that you get the most effective results with minimal investment.

With Navyug you get different master testers bringing their own perspective and backgrounds to functional testing.

This gives greater assurance on functional testing with different users using the product in different ways rather than a single user conducting these tests.

Usability Testing ensures that Users find that your Application follows established standards and is easy to use.

This guarantees your end Clients the desired User Experience, thus increasing User Engagement.

We apply ethical hacking techniques to simulate real world attacks on your application, identify vulnerabilities and suggest solutions to cover plug these.

Security Testing is a must for any application where the consequences of unauthorized access could be very expensive.

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