• Requirement Analysis

    We set out to collect as much information as possible from you, if the project already has users, we investigate how the product is currently being used. By the end of exploration, we carry with us a set of sketches, stories, prototypes, and any wireframes necessary to help us begin the full visual and experience design phases.Then starts the brainstorming to frame the entire project requirement into user stories, considering all possible value additions we can provide to your business followed by Poker Planning.

  • Poker Planning

    We discuss the features /stories decided in the previous step, asking the product owner question where required. When the features discussion is over, each estimator provides his / her private estimates. All estimates are revealed at the same time and the appropriate estimate is selected.

  • Daily Standup

    The Team meets daily for 10-15 minutes. Each team member answers 3 questions:

    • What did I do yesterday?
    • What will I do today?
    • What impediments me?

  • Code Reviews

    Once a feature/story is completed, the concerned team member generates a merge request. The merge request is reviewed by his / her peer or lead for:

    • Best Practices
    • Business Logic
    • Language Semantics

  • Daily Automated Builds

    Continuous Deployment is the next step to Continuous Integration. This pushes the tested code to a staging server so that the latest version of the application is reviewed and feedback is provided at an earlier stage. By automating our deployment we push new features, but more importantly, also push fixes very quickly.

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