A US Company : Supply Chain Finance

Client        : A funded Company in USA

Launched : 2012 (ongoing project)



Navyug acts as the development center for a multinational Supply Chain Finance giant headquartered in the US. The Web and Mobile Solution provides supply chain financing to vendors of very large end-clients (large corporate / industrial clients) through participating banks.

Service to the Client include:

  • Development and Product support.
  • Manual and Automation Testing.



The Client required an off-shore development partner with the requisite technology expertise and process-based approach.



The Client is a long time customer of Navyug, with Navyug acting as its off-shore development partner.

Navyug uses its expertize to transform their business requirements into web and mobile application features and the same are developed and tested at Navyug.

Both manual and automation testing services are provided to the Client.

The Processes followed include:

  • Regular visits both by the Client and by development teams to the other’s location, to plan and coordinate work.
  • Balsamiq mockups of requirements.
  • Poker Planning, Agile methodology with daily standups, sprints and retrospectives.
  • Test Driven Development.
  • Code and Progress of work are shared with Client over Git and Jira respectively.
  • Daily interactions with the Client, to ensure maximum communication.



  • Technology                   : Ruby 1.9.3 / 2.0 , Javascript, RabbitMQ, Custom OAuth, Custom Ember Widget Library, Clojure, Redis
    Sidekiq, Bootstrap and Datamapper.
  • Platform                       : Rails and Emberjs.
  • Database                     : Postgres 9.3.
  • Deployment & Testing : EngineYard, EC2 AWS and Chef.



  • The Client business has expanded substantially and has obtained a second round of equity funding and is seeking to expand business further.
  • The Client has also won an award in its domain.
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