Sparsh : Dynamic DNS Allocation

Client        : Security Products Supplier, Sparsh

Launched : 2012



Development of Dynamic DNS Allocation System for Sparsh Securities to allow their DVR (Digital Video Recorder) vendors to create DNSs for devices sold to end-customers.


  • Devices can be configured with the DDNS Service.
  • DDNS sends “API” calls to update its status on Sparsh servers.
  • Users login to their accounts and monitor their DVRs (Digital Video Recorders).



The critical business need was to enable Sparsh end-customers to monitor and access Digital Video Recorder remotely from anywhere.



  • Visits and interaction with Sparsh (Client).
  • Balsamiq mockups of solution.
  • Poker Planning, Agile methodology with daily stand-ups, sprints and retrospectives.
  • Test Driven Development
  • Code and Progress of work shared with Client on Git and Trac.
  • Daily 15 min interaction with Client during stand-up, to ensure maximum communication and quick reactions.



  • Technology : Ruby and Amazon Route 53.
  • Platform      : Rails.
  • Database    : PostgresQL and Amazon SES.



  • Client received huge appreciation from new & existing customers for this feature.
  • Users can stream video recordings remotely from anywhere with zero downtime.
  • Users can anytime retrieve previous recording stored on remote servers.
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