Paytronics Network : Electronic Payment Network

 Client         : Paytronic Network Pvt. Ltd. (India)

Launched   : 2012



Paytronic is a privately held company funded by Odyssey Capital and India’s leading electronic payment networks company. Paytronic is in the business of implementing and operating payment networks for multiple services like mobile prepaid top-up, DTH top-up and Cash acceptance for various services providers/ utilities.


  • Removal of bugs from the existing system to increase service predictability and consistency.
  • Development of a robust and scalable infrastructure to meet the future forecast demand.
  • Mobile app for mobile top-up, DTH top-up and various ticketing/bill payment services.
  • Mobile & D2H recharging and rail & flight ticket booking.
  • Gaming website to accept payments from customers on this network.



Paytronic Network had three primary business needs:

  • The Company was experiencing problems with its software and systems, for which the existing software vendor was unable to provide support. These included software bugs, functionality related problems, inexplicable revenue losses, network and security issues.
  • Migration from legacy application and architecture to a new architecture and web application.
  • Paytronic wanted a Mobile Application for J2Me environment, to support its electronic payments over mobiles phones.



  • Visits and interaction with staff and business owners.
  • Balsamiq mockups of solution.
  • Poker Planning, Agile methodology with daily standups, sprints and retrospectives.
  • Test Driven Development. Development was done on-site at client premises.
  • Code and Progress of work shared with Client on Git and Trac.
  • Daily interaction with client to ensure maximum communication and quick reactions.



  • Technologies : Java, Javascript, Eclips, Glassfish and SVN.
  • Frameworks  : Spring and Emberjs.
  • Testing Tools : JUnit.
  • Databases    : ActiveMQ, Tomcat , Mysql, Ndbcluster, Terracotta Chache Server.

Techology Milestones:

  • Multiple locale support, USSD, audio, SMS to port, SMS, security, HTTP functionality and software update functionality in a very small footprint of around 400KB JAR.
  • Migrated legacy applications and databases to new technology and helped design a new framework for faster throughput.
  • Spanish audio and text interaction in a very short time frame.



  • Paytronic was able to achieve improved business due to elimination of bugs addition of functionalities.
  • The company was also able to plug the inexplicable losses being incurred by it.
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