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A place for ex-Defence people to share, earn, enjoy!


A portal that helps ex-Defence people to get-connected, collaborate, earn and enjoy their  post-service lives.


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Do a Career SWOT
  • Figure out strengths you can leverage in the Corporate.
  • Discover opportunities out there.
  • Find which work fits you best!


Search Work Profiles
  • Look at Work Profiles
  • Profiles have been made by other successful ex-Defence professionals / entrepreneurs
  • Find what it takes to succeed in that profile.


Become an Entrepreneur

  • Register and Sell online:
  1. Unique Products
  2. Unique Stays / Tours
  3. Services ex-Def members are good at


Get a Job

  • Upload CV
  • Companies call you for Jobs



  • Join the Collaboration Forum
  • Read Discussions
  • Join a Discussion
  • Start a New Discussion


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  • HTML5 implementation
  • Logo design
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