Indian Army (E-in-C) : Inventory Management


Client        : CE4, E-in-C’s Branch, Indian Army

Launched : 2015



This Inventory Management Solution provides a unique method to exchange and consolidate inventory data at Army Headquarters level:

  • Servers at both E-in-C’s Branch (Army Headquarters) and 100+ Engineer Units exchange data manually over encrypted CDs. The data received at both ends is decrypted and synced at the Servers.
  • Web Clients at both Army Headquarters and Unit ends allow access and analysis of inventory data.


  • Maintaining inventory data at Units and E-in-C Branch on certain categories of Engineer stores.
  • Interchanging encrypted data physically over CDs and syncing this with data in Servers.
  • Auto-highlighting possible inconsistencies in data and generating Inconsistency Reports.
  • Providing Excel Reports as per User Requirements.



A sub-Branch of E-in-C’s Branch needed accurate inventory data to be received and compiled flawlessly, so that correct combat related decisions could be taken.

Since there was no internet connectivity between Army Headquarters and Units, a typical solutions was needed to ensure secure and encrypted data exchange.

Other key requirements were:

  •  A very simple user interface for easy use by untrained staff at over a 100 Units.
  • Encrypted data interchange through CDs between Army Headquarters and Units.
  • A system to ensure no loss of critical data.
  • A very high degree of security, to ensure no loss of critical data.



 The Project was extremely complex, due to a very typical implementation. The Project spanned 9 months and included:

  • Extensive visits by the development team to finalize requirements.
  • Balsamiq mockups were shared with the client to finalize details.
  • Poker Planning, Agile methodology with daily standups, sprints and retrospectives were conducted.
  • Test Driven Development was done.
  • Code and Progress of work were shared with Client on Git and Trac respectively.
  • Regular interactions were held with the Client, to ensure maximum communication.
  • Deployment and training visits were conducted to train User staff on the application.



  • Technology    : Ruby.
  • Framework    : Rails.
  • Database       : Postgress.
  • Testing Tools  : Cucumber, Selenium, Capybara, rSpec and Jmeter.
  • Support Tools : RubyMine, Git and Trac

Technology Milestones:

  • A unique configuration with Servers at both ends, with data synchronization at both ends through encrypted data import over Army mail / CDs.


  • Staff at Army Headquarters can update, monitor and compare inventories of Engineer Stores held by 110+ organizations spread across India.
  • All inventory categories, items, authorizations are configurable – this makes the application extendable and future-proof.
  • Staff can control asset authorization data at their end, whilst units can manage actual holdings data at their ends.
  • Units can hold data locally on PCs / Laptops and update / download encrypted data for sharing with Army Headquarters over email.
  • A large number of inconsistencies of data were resolved due to centralization and aggregation of data in this manner.
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