Genability : Optimizing Electricity Consumption and Payment

Client        : Genability (USA)

Launched : 2012



A company founded to bring transparency in electricity pricing through information gathered from over 3500 electricity providers throughout North America. The company’s aim was to put the data into the hands of electricity consumers and companies so that they could make informed decisions about when to use, store and sell electricity.


  • A Rating engine to suggests a tariff plan suited to the User’s needs with 99% accuracy.
  • Provide information on electric pricing and tariff plan, letting Users make informed decision about usage.
  • Send signals or schedule operation of any connected device using customer-specific electricity prices.



The client’s requirement was to host a web based utility application targeting the electrical energy business segment, with end clients ranging from home owners to large corporate/ organizations.

The Client needed an application that would empower electricity consumers with transparency in the electric pricing and tariff plans so that end consumers could informed decision about electricity usage.



  • Inteactioins with business owner, through Client visits to India to brief and interact with the team.
  • Balsamiq mockups of solution.
  • Poker Planning, Agile methodology with daily standups, sprints and retrospectives.
  • Test Driven Development
  • Code and Progress of work shared with Client on Git and Trac.
  • Daily 15 min interaction with client during stand-up, to ensure maximum communication and quick reactions.



  • Technology   : Java, Flex and HTML5
  • Framework   : Spring and Montage studio.
  • Database      : Apache WebServer, Tomcat, MySQL and MongoDB
  • Testing Tools : Cucumber, Selenium, Capybara, rSpec and Jmeter.



  • Genability was able to launch the electric utility application thorough out North America, saving electricity consumers precious dollars. The application even won an award.
  • Users could charge their EV(Electric Vehicles) and run appliances when electricity was at its cheapest, thus saving money.
  • Genability was able to suggest the best rate plan to customers, thus increasing customer loyalty.
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  • CSS animations
  • HTML5 implementation
  • Java
  • Web design

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