E1B AND MS 12 (Indian Army) : Officers Postings Management

Client        : MS 12 Branch, Army Headquarters & E1B Branch, E-in-C’s Branch (Indian Army)

Launched : 2013 & 2015



These Quantified Posting Management Solutions ( 2 Web Applications) provide Branches of Indian Army Headquarters a Decision Support System to reach better posting decisions for Indian Army Officers and MES Officers.


  • Maintaining personnel data of Corps of Engineers Army Officers /  MES Officers.
  • Defining complex, configurable rules to shortlist officers for postings.
  • Run posting rules to identify the best man for the best job.
  • Posting Process management, from inception to issue of Posting Orders.
  • Maintain Noting Sheets.
  • Maintain Data on ACRs.



Branches of the Indian Army needed a future proof solution which could run complex posting rules to identify the best man for the job, whilst also keeping the rules User definable, to cater to future changes in rules.

Key requirements were:

  •  A Quantified rules bases Decision  Support System with User configurable rules.
  • A very simple system which could be handled by untrained staff.
  • Data backups to ensure no loss of critical data.
  • Audit logs to prevent tampering of critical data.
  • A very high degree of security, to ensure no loss of critical data.



 The Project was extremely complex, due to a very large number of Rules. The Project spanned an year and a half and included:

  • Extensive visits by the development team to finalize requirements.
  • Balsamiq mockups were shared with the client to finalize details.
  • Poker Planning, Agile methodology with daily standups, sprints and retrospectives were conducted.
  • Test Driven Development was done.
  • Code and Progress of work were shared with Client on Git and Trac respectively.
  • Daily interactions were held with the Client, to ensure maximum communication.
  • Deployment and training visits were conducted to train User staff on the application.



  • Technology      : Ruby, drools (rules engine), Java, Kettle and Javascript.
  • Framework      : Rails, Spring and Emberjs.
  • Database         : Postgres.
  • Testing Tools    : Cucumber, Selenium, Capybara, rSpec and Jmeter.
  • Support Tools   : RubyMine, Git and Trac

Technology Milestones:

  • Java Drools was used to configure and run complex rules.
  • A Query Generator to provide complex queries configurable by the User.
  • Kettle used to migrate data from legacy MS Access to Postgres



  • A quantum shift from manual data management to automation of all posting processes
  • Posting Rules are totally configurable – existing rules can be modified / deleted; new rules can be added to the system.
  • Posting processes which earlier took weeks now take only minutes to execute.
  • A query generator is provided to create and run complex queries, to generate any kind of result in a few seconds – as against hours or days.
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Client Comment

Development of web based Personnel Management & Quantified Posting Management System that provides a Decision Support System to post Indian Army.

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  • CSS animations
  • Ember.js
  • Java
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Web design

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