Indian Army (CE EC) : Personnel Management Solution

Client        : Chief Engineer Eastern Command, Indian Army

Launched : 2015



This Personnel Management Web App helps Chief Engineer Eastern Command manage all personnel processes for a very complex hierarchy of over 11000 personnel in Eastern Command MES organizations.


  • Maintaining personnel data for civil and military officers, subordinates and staff.
  • Run posting rules to identify the best man for the best job.
  • Posting Process management, from inception to issue of Posting Orders.
  • Retirements and Non-Effective personnel management.
  • Management of IPRs (individual property returns).
  • Management of Court Cases.
  • Management of Pay Upgrades and MACPs
  • Management of Temporary Duties, Union Appointments, RTIs and Penalties.



Chief Engineer Eastern Command needed an automated system for management of MES personnel – across a very complex hierarchy – MES & Civil officers, MES and Civil Subordinates, Industrial and Non-Industrial Staff. Key requirements were:

  •  A Quantified rules bases Decision  Support System to generate MES Subordinates postings.
  • Handling all personnel management tasks – posting, promotions, dues in and out, Annual Reports, Court Cases, RTIs, TDs, Union Appointments, Penalties.
  • Postings Orders, Personnel / Unit Reports can be generated.
  • A query generator to create and run complex queries for data base searches.



 The Project was extremely complex, due to a very large number of Rules and Roles across Departments. The Project spanned an year and a half and included:

  • Extensive visits both by the Client and by development team to finalize requirements.
  • Balsamiq mockups with over 500 frames were shared with the client to finalize details.
  • Poker Planning, Agile methodology with daily standups, sprints and retrospectives were conducted.
  • Test Driven Development was conducted.
  • Code and Progress of work were shared with Client on Git and Trac respectively.
  • Daily interactions were held with the Client, to ensure maximum communication.
  • Deployment and training visits were conducted to train User staff on the application.



  • Technology                   : Ruby
  • Platform                        : Rails
  • Database                      : Postgres
  • Deployment & Testing  : Cucumber, Selenium, Capybara, rSpec and Jmeter.
  • Support Tools                : RubyMine, Git and Trac

Technology Milestones:

  • Use of rails to configure and run complex rules: This allows the system to handling complex posting rules and keeping them totally configurable. This makes the solution future proof.
  • A Query Generator to provide complex queries configurable by the User.



  • A quantum shift from manual data management to automation of most personnel processes.
  • Different departments manage different categories of personnel and functions – while the system enforces data integrity through a 100%, searchable audit log.
  • Posting processes which earlier took weeks now take only minutes to execute.
  • Users can now run complex search queries to extract all kinds of data.
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