Future Scope of OpenERP

OpenERP is an open source business application aimed at leveraging the power of open source community to develop a powerful ERP system. OpenERP has simplified ERP implementations across industries by making available basic functionalities.

Business Analyst has to study the business requirement and map it one-to-one to the existing features of OpenERP. If functionality is not available, python programming language can be used for developing the required feature. Thus this way, vendor doesn’t develop ERP system from scratch but tweaks the existing functionalities or make use of them for speedy implementation. It not only saves time, effort, cost but also and speeds up the ERP implementation.

Currently, OpenERP has over 700 modules that cater to various need of an organization. Open ERP is being used everywhere, from small and medium sized companies to large business houses.

The expert of ERP software claims that companies providing ERP will continue to merge in future. The major player of ERP’s will look at consolidation and merger of portfolio to develop horizontal (Services in all possible domains) and vertical solutions (Industry depth) . Now ERP softwares have the capability to provide e-commerce and CRM services.

ERP provides competitive edge to get ahead of your competitor’s. Future ERP software will be integrated with latest marketing strategies and business plan.

Software as a service (SaaS), Application on Demand and Open Source Application will rule ERP future.

For more details on OpenERP, visit:
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