Navyug Infosolutions Featured on Clutch!

Since day one, the team of software professionals at Navyug Infosolutions has been dedicated to our founding mission and vision. That is, providing value to customers and society as a whole through wisdom, integrity, and technology. We offer a diverse array of services to meet our customer’s needs, includi

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adminNavyug Infosolutions Featured on Clutch!

Leap Second Issues !31-12-2016 23:59:60!

YES, it’s true!!! When we all are busy in a party of the new year, Science gifted us “a second” to live more in 2016. 2017 was started a little bit late than usual. And this is not the first time, this is 27th time when we shifted “our clock” a second late since 1970. So, let’s catch what actually happened on 31-Dec-216 23:59:60.

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adminLeap Second Issues !31-12-2016 23:59:60!

Log Rotation and Exception Notifier using Monit

With reference to ‘’, we can use MONIT for log rotation and as exception notifier from a log file.

Steps are as follows :

Create new file ‘sudo nano /usr/local/bin/rotate’

#/bin/bash /bin/mv $1 $1.`date +%y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S`

At the end of file ‘sudo nano /etc/monit/

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adminLog Rotation and Exception Notifier using Monit

Cycling to a ‘Slower’ Life

A month ago, I decided to start cycling to office and back – my office is quite close to my home in Noida, a suburb of New Delhi, India. I announced my decision to my wife.
“Are you crazy? Who cycles in this traffic, that too in summer, at 43 degrees C! What if you have an accident? You could get kidnapped! ”
The words of our office security guard, while I was leaving office after work one day, summed up most reactions,
“Sahab yeh mat chalaya karo. Aap ko shobha nahi

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adminCycling to a ‘Slower’ Life

How not to run a business

How not to run a business – Confessions of a Failed Entrepreneur

Blog Post 001 – In the beginning, there was darkness…

Three years ago, I a brand new, first generation entrepreneur, was 46, broke, in debt and in the middle of a really messy corporate break-up – perhaps the lowest point in my career. Being down and out, I found two great companions – humor and introspection. The first kept me laughing as I examine

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adminHow not to run a business

Odoo in India

According to industry veterans, “With increased budgets for e-governance, the scope for open source IT implementations in India should be higher. Access to privilege of few. In India there is immense scope for Open source software implementation in the Government, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance companies, telecom and education, Open source software (OSS) has a significant presence in the government, BFSI.

IT end-user spending in India is expected to grow at

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adminOdoo in India

Future Scope of OpenERP

OpenERP is an open source business application aimed at leveraging the power of open source community to develop a powerful ERP system. OpenERP has simplified ERP implementations across industries by making available basic functionalities.

Business Analyst has to study the business requirement and map it one-to-one to the existing features of OpenERP. If functionality is not available, python programming language can be

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adminFuture Scope of OpenERP

Web Development Solutions

Meaning of Web development has changed drastically since the outsourcing concept phenomenon has started. Web development can include web designing, content creation, content management, framework designing, page layout/masthead creation. The list should not be taken as exhaustive list. There could be N no. Of things that might constitute web development. But the basics remains the same, “Creating/Managing the identity of individual/business in the virtual world”.

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adminWeb Development Solutions