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How security implications affect Internet of Things

As every player with a stake in IoT is aware, security is paramount for the safe and reliable operation of IoT connected devices. It is, in fact, the foundational enabler of IoT. Where there is less consensus is how best to implement security in IoT at the device, network, and system levels.

Network firewalls, Intrusion Prevention Systems, and protocols can manage the internet traffic coursing through the network, but how do we secure deeply embedded endpoint devices that usually have a very

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adminHow security implications affect Internet of Things

Revolutionizing Healthcare Through Internet of Things

An often-quoted figure of Gartner says that “6.4 Billion Connected “Things” Will Be in Use in 2016” and use cases are far too many to be outlined in any one document.

The idea of devices connecting directly with each other is, as Kevin Ashton coined the term Internet of Things puts it as, “a big deal.”

The rapid digitization of business processes and the attendant innovations spur new business models through outcome, reduced risk and metered usage. Industries acros

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adminRevolutionizing Healthcare Through Internet of Things

What is MQTT Protocol?

What is MQTT?
MQTT is an open protocol, standardized by OASIS and ISO (ISO/IEC 20922:2016). It is used for data exchange with constrained devices in the field. It keeps network bandwidth at minimum level and handles unreliable networks without complex error handling and a huge implementation effort. It was made for keeping an steady line to your devices at a minimal cost supporting real push notifications and near real time communication.

Connect thousands of devices to t

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adminWhat is MQTT Protocol?