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Since day one, the team of software professionals at Navyug Infosolutions has been dedicated to our founding mission and vision. That is, providing value to customers and society as a whole through wisdom, integrity, and technology. We offer a diverse array of services to meet our customer’s needs, includi

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adminNavyug Infosolutions Featured on Clutch!

Cordova Android/IOS google login using google-plus cordova plugin

As everyone knows that the google authentication through web views is going to be deprecated, where the google developers are suggested to use google sign in api for native android developers. In cordova based applications we can implement cordova google plus plugin which wraps google sign in and makes it accessible to us in JavaScript.
I will first describe general app flow which I implemented in InAppBro

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adminCordova Android/IOS google login using google-plus cordova plugin

How record save happens in Ember?

In Ember when you call destroyRecord on model. In the network layer Rest Api Method delete is invoked and your model’s id is passed in your params, I believe everyone knows this stuff.

Let’s dig deeper, what happens after you call the object method destroy record or delete record. To understand more let me define a term, I and many others might have used this one, internalmodel, In general internalmodel is a term which is defined by the ember data, it

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adminHow record save happens in Ember?

Strategies to Interact with Dynamic Web elements using Selenium

The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency. – Bill Gates

Target Audience: Software Developers, Automation Engineers.
Read Time ~ 7 Mins 34 secs. (don’t trust me? Try it)

A lot of times when we automate a feature and run it for the first time, it

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adminStrategies to Interact with Dynamic Web elements using Selenium

“Maybe” Monad for Ruby

Lets start with a problem every Ruby on Rails developer faces, handling ‘nil’ value – tedious task.

NoMethodError: undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClassy 4 spaces

But there is a well known design pattern to handle ‘nil’ value for Ruby in the more robust way. Like pure functional programming languages does, with the ‘Monad’ design pattern.

Monad is a design pattern which is used to describe expressions as a series of actions. Monad

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admin“Maybe” Monad for Ruby

Postgres Continuous Archiving & Point-in-Time Recovery

Why do we need a Backup/ Recovery Strategy ?
Backup and Recovery Strategies are absolutely essential for uninterrupted operation of any live business unit. The strategy must plan for recovery in every catastrophe such as:

  • Device Failure: Loss of Machine or Disk
  • Failure during Maintenance: Hardware or software upgrades
  • Site Failure: Failure at Datacenter or a network failure
  • Blunders by Operators: Devops/ S
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adminPostgres Continuous Archiving & Point-in-Time Recovery

CSS Sprite Images benefits

In almost all the web application, we use many icons to make our pages look elegant. This might be good for the UI/UX but it has a huge implication on the network performance.
Consider a page which shows 45 various services provided by an organisation. There will be 45 network calls required to get all the icons. Each browser opens a certain maximum number of connections in parallel to optimize its performance (Chrome opens max 6 connections at a time).
One way of getting all the images at on

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adminCSS Sprite Images benefits

Role of a Tester as an Agile Team Member

Historically, the responsibility of tester was limited to proving the requirements are met, ensuring that the software works and finding bugs just in an almost completed product. And so a role of the tester used to come into picture only after the development cycle was completed.
But since Agile is all about being flexible enough to cater all the changing requirements and the process or tool is driven development is less responsive to the changes and less likely to meet the cus

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adminRole of a Tester as an Agile Team Member

MongoDB Replica Set and Related Memory Issues

For better understanding I have divided this post in two parts :
In first part I will try to explain Replica set and how it works.
Secondly I will explain ways to manage storage space.

MongoDB is an open-source document database (NoSQL) that provides high performance, high availability, and automatic scaling. MongoDB is written in C++.
A record in MongoDB is a document, which is a data structure composed of fiel

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adminMongoDB Replica Set and Related Memory Issues