Navyug kicked off in 2010

Journey so far

Team size of 17 developers starting working on 1st June 2010 in a small office located in Noida. With zero funding all they had was bags full of motivation and aspirations. The Directors had figured out the Mission, Vision & Values by then and in no time the team had imbibed them.


  • To provide unique solutions, products & services, through Wisdom, Integrity, Technology.
  • To provide quality and service to our customers, value to our stakeholders and growth to our employees.


Be amongst top three producers of unique technology products, solutions, services and talent in India.


  • W: Wisdom in all endeavors
  • I: Integrity (Deliver on promises)
  • T: Technology focus
  • A: (Associates:No employees) and Processes
  • P: People (Customers, Partners, Vendors, Employees)
  • E: Energy (Dynamism, Flexibility, Get-up-and-Go)
  • S: Simplicity (Keep it short and simple-KISS)

When the year ended we had many questions but the major one was “HOW TO BECOME PROFITABLE”.

Few people moved on, few got on board – team size was the same but the count of projects had increased. We were busy delivering good quality work but we were still a bit lost, trying to figure out “WHY US”, “WHAT IS OUR DIFFERENTIATOR”. We started focusing on learning new things, experimenting a bit with other technologies and we found “Ruby on Rails”. We interviewed 100 odd people claiming they know “Ruby” but none cleared our interview and that got us thinking.

BINGO!! We found our differentiator, we could attain expertise on anything in no time. We doubled our team size, got more talent in to absorb and multiply our knowledge on Ruby on Rails. We shifted to our new office, started hiring & internship programs with BITs, IITs & NITs.

We contributed a lot to our Products this year, expanded on another floor. Went out for our first company trip to National Jim Corbett park. Floated an “Entrepreneur” scheme for employees.

Our profits were 200% this year.

Current team size is 60 and we are handling simultaneously more than 15-20 projects.

Leadership Team

It's a Geeks World!!

  • Sunil Prem Director

    Alumnus of IIT Kanpur, he heads Business Development, Sales and Marketing. He is an Ex-Army Engineer (Recognized Top Achiever). Besides his technical strengths he has rich experience in operations, administration, logistics and HR.

  • Sanjeev Kumar Director

    Alumnus of IIT Kanpur, Sanjeev heads Software Projects delivery and Product Development. He is a Technical Leader with excellent “People” skills, fondly referred as “People’s Engineer”. His core technical strength is Application Services. Sanjeev has worked with teams in India, Europe and USA.