Mission & Vision


  • Provide unique Solutions & Services, through Wisdom, Integrity, Technology.
  • Provide Quality to our Customers, Value to Stakeholders and Growth to our Employees.


  • Be among the top three producers of unique technology Solutions, Services and Talent in India.


  • : Wisdom in all endeavors
  • : Integrity (Deliver on promises)
  • : Technology focus
  • : Associates (Customers, Partners, Vendors, Employees)
  • : Processes
  • : Energy (Dynamism, Flexibility, Get-up-and-Go)
  • : Simplicity (KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid)

Leadership Team

It's a Geeks World!!

  • Sunil Prem Director

    Alumnus of IIT Kanpur, he heads Business Development, Sales and Marketing. He is an Ex-Army Engineer (Recognized Top Achiever). Besides his technical strengths he has rich experience in operations, administration, logistics and HR.

  • Sanjeev Kumar Director

    Alumnus of IIT Kanpur, Sanjeev heads Software Projects delivery and Product Development. He is a Technical Leader with excellent “People” skills, fondly referred as “People’s Engineer”. His core technical strength is Application Services. Sanjeev has worked with teams in India, Europe and USA.

Life At Navyug

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